Sunday, January 10, 2016

[Week 1] - Hello 2016

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Yeah, I feel a bit like that. 
I blame 2016, but the truth is I came storming in with the biggest expectations you wouldn't believe. In fact I didn't even realize I had these enormous expectations until they were shattering and collecting at my feet and I melted down. 

So, Happy New Year! I'm going to try this again. I'm going to try and check in and peek in that closet to see what grandiose expectations my wild imagination may have created and then have a reality check so this isn't a really long year with a lot of tears and throwing teapots. (I didn't throw a teapot. But I may have wanted to.) 

I have been focusing quite a bit on my word for 2016 and here are the first fruits of the picture project. With all the frustrations and tears and sore throat with subsequent coughing and aches, the thing I have needed most is a pause and some grace and a new start. Repeat. 

 01-01-2016 :: A brand new year, Selah 

01-02-2016 :: Learning to listen to what I need and then not completely ignoring it. Selah

 01-03-2016 :: Savoring takes practice. Selah

 01-04-2016 :: Grace in hard mornings. Selah

 01-05-2016 :: One foot in front of the other. Selah

01-06-2016 :: Sunshine, always, a balm for the soul. Selah

 01-07-2016 :: Being sick redefines pausing. In fact it forces the issue. Selah

 01-08-2016 :: Because how adorable is this tea infuser?! Selah

 01-09-2016 :: Sipping anxious in the waiting room. (All is well, kitty needed a blood draw). Selah

01-10-2016 :: A spoonful of HONEY makes the medicine go down. Selah (You can see my whole 10 on 10 here).

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